Nice 14.07.16

Nice 14.07.16


Based on the 2016 terror attack in Nice, France, this autobiographical-inspired animated short film explores the immediacy and shock of violence, and its conversely lingering impact. Employing a range of handmade, tactile materials and an experimental structure, this narrative is a glimpse into the disparity between a holiday and a haunting.

Online end of 2018.

Read my interview with Lucie Towers for OzAnimate on my film!


Awards & Nominations:

Audience Awards 2018 Women's Film Festival (Top 11 Finalist)

Best in Sound

Depth of Field International Film Festival Competition 2018

Excellence - Animated
Excellence - Art-House
Excellence - Student

Orlando Edge Film Festival 2018

Paris Lift-Off Film Festival Online 2018

BLOW-UP International Arthouse Film Fest 2018

The Orlando Film Festival 2018

The Montreal International Animation Film Festival - Animaze 2018

Experimental Forum 2018

Low to No International Film Festival 2018

Bad Film Fest 2018

Concrete Dream Film Festival 2018

Audience Awards 2018 Social Political Shorts Film Festival

Audience Awards 2018 Animation Shorts Film Festival

Audience Awards 2018 Experimental Shorts Film Festival

TAIS Animation Showcase 2018 - Semi-Finalist


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